Lesson I learned today? News never takes a day off and apparently neither do I.

Last night, or ACE editor called us and told us that we might not be required to make the drive to Jefferson City the next morning because of the weather forecast. It was predicted that the day would consist of freezing rain followed by 12-18 inches of snow tomorrow, so I woke up this morning to a few texts and emails that we wouldn’t have to come into the office. Those emails were followed by another message that we were still required to file stories that day, and so the craziness of winter weather began.

Christi and I started off writing a story about how the horrible weather will effect the crop yield for Missouri farmers. We soon found out that crops aren’t planted until April, and this weather will not effect it at all. So we split up to find some other news. I got word that a Senator at the Capitol was concerned about the welfare of the cattle during the storm, so I did some investigating. Because I come from the north and actually have a cow on my horse farm, I already had some insight on the shelters cows need to survive wet and cold winters. I didn’t know, however, that since these storms don’t happen often, Missouri farmers don’t have indoor barns or shelters for their cattle. To find out how they take precautions for the weather, read my story here or here.


Until next time, stay warm and dry!