On Wednesday night, a few of us were still busy working on stories when we heard music playing in the lobby. My first thought was that a janitor was sweeping the hall and playing some classical music to keep himself sane. As the music grew more intense and louder, so did my natural curiosity. I enlisted another staff member to accompany me into the hall. As soon as we walked toward the lobby, the music hit a crescendo. I looked up to see if it was coming from any sort of speaker, but there were no such devices around. We turned the corner into the lobby beneath the dome of the Capitol, and before us was a Piano Forte. Seated at the piano was a man we had seen often in committee hearings, but we were sure he was not a member of Congress. His youthfulness and professionalism lead us to believe he could be a lobbyist. We wanted to ask him who he was, why he was playing and what the song that so beautifully flowed from his fingers was, but his facial expression stopped us. He looked as if he was caught in a trance with the music. He didn’t even notice we were standing there, and so we moved away. Another member of the press came out to find out what was going on, but he wasn’t as excited as we were about the beautiful music echoing throughout the building. He was grouchy and even went so far as to say that it was a distraction for the people trying to work there. We brushed him off and continued to listen. As the night drew on, the music faded, but the memory of it lasted. For those of us who heard it, it helped the work go by faster and more gracefully. I hope to hear it again, and if I don’t I hope the Capitol building utilizes the amazing acoustics for a symphony in the near future.

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