It’s 6:22p.m. in Missouri, and I have just filed my first story as a reporter for Missouri Digital News, posted it to my Facebook account and tweeted it to my followers. What’s next? Decompress today.

Christi and I got to the office before my editor and proceeded to wait nervously for everyone to show up. We finally got the ball rolling at 10 a.m., we showed up at 8:55 a.m. Phill sat us down to discuss our beats, and one by one we were assigned stories. I am extremely excited to be the ethics/politics beat reporter because it covers topics I am passionate about like constitutional law. Needless to say, I jumped onto my first story.
I thought it would be really boring at first, and I’m sure you would too. However, the Senate committee discussion on voter identification requirements was really interesting once I dug into it. I researched on the topic and found that the law they were proposing had already been a law and had been declared unconstitutional in 2006 for violating the constitutional right to vote. After lunch, I attended the meeting and began to write once I got back to the office around 3:30. I wrote and rewrote for a couple hours trying to get all the quotes off of our giant audio recorders.

Finally after a long editing round with the wonderful Alysha, my story was ready for Phill to read. He read it for a long time, questioned me on one item to teach me never to accept anything someone says as fact before checking it out (lesson learned), and handed it back to me. I asked if there was anything else I could change and he replied,”No. It’s very good. Good job.”

Needless to say, I was so relieved and happy to have passed on the first day with a good job. I’m too exhausted to keep typing, so until Wednesday. Keep learning your lessons. Now is the time.

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