I began today in a frantic rush to get ready for my first day as a reporter for Missouri Digital News in Jefferson City, Missouri. This assignment is my beat for the Reporting class here at MU. Throughout the semester I will be carpooling with my good friend, Christi, to the capitol of Missouri twice a week. On Mondays and Wednesdays I will spend my time interviewing congressmen and sitting in on meetings.

Since it was our first day our editor, Phil Brooks, gave us the grand tour complete with trespassing through construction zones and clacking my heels on the marble floor (Lesson number one: Don’t wear shoes that could be even slightly uncomfortable—Learned) trying to keep up with him. We saw all four floors of the Capitol building and met a lot of people. Phil introduced us to journalists from Associated Press and a few congressman. My head is still swimming trying to remember their names.

After our orientation I came home to reflect on what had happened that day and get a grip on what I’m going to be dealing with. I realized that this semester is the beginning to my actual college journalism career. I am a veteran of battles with censorship from high school, and I have since then felt a little scarred by my experiences. I feel that I will now really learn what I’m made of, and I hope it’s something of substance. I’m not licking my wounds from being rejected by my first choice of beat, Vox (the magazine equivalent). I was assigned to cover government for a reason, and maybe that reason will show me where I should be focusing my career. So wish me luck.